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Jarabacoa is a town and the third largest municipality in La Vega Province.

In 1805, during the Haitian invasion of the Cibao, survivors from the massacres of Santiago de los Caballeros and La Vega escaped to the mountains of the Cordillera Central and settled in the valley of Jarabacoa. In 1854, a military post was settled and the town was formally founded. On September 27, 1858 the town was incorporated as a municipality. In 1955, the municipality of Jarabacoa and the municipality of Constanza were made into a province called Jarabacoa with Constanza as it's capital. It was named Jarabacoa because of the river that passed the 2 municipalities. It lasted until late 1958 and merged back with La Vega.

Jarabacoa is known for its steady 16C to 22C degree temperature all year round, though in winter it can be as low as 7C. Visitors have baptized Jarabacoa as "The City of Everlasting Spring." Jarabacoa sits about 525 m above sea level. One of the main touristic attractions is the mountains and natural beauty of the area due to its location in the center of the Cordillera Central. It is also one of the main access to the Pico Duarte and the Ebano Verde Cientific Reserve. Jarabacoa has two large rivers, the Jimenoa and the Yaque del Norte, that merge in the Confluencia, continuing on as the Yaque del Norte, the second largest rivers in the country.

The local economy is based upon agriculture. It is known for its strawberries, coffee, pimento and ají pepper, the last two being grown in green houses. Jarabacoa it is also known for its wide variety of flowers.

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