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Salvaleón de Higüey


Salvaleón de Higüey
(also known as Higüey) is the capital city of the eastern province of La Altagracia, in the Dominican Republic. In 1981, the city had a total population of 35,501 inhabitants. The river Yuma flows through the urban area of Higüey.

The economy of Higüey is based on tropical agriculture (reed, coffee, tobacco, cacao, rice and maize), cattle (cows and pigs), fishing and tourism at the coast. The most important monuments in the city are the basilica of La Altagracia and the church of San Dionisio –Saint Denis– from the 16th century.

The main historical element in Higüey is the Cathedral, which holds the famous painting of the "Virgin de la Altagracia", brought by the Spaniards in the 15th century. The painting was moved from its original location in the 500 year old church of San Dionisio. Every year on Virgin of La Altagracia Day (January 21),a national holiday, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the Cathedral.

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