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  Boca Chica


Boca Chica

Why choose Boca Chica?

Because this resort town is conveniently-located close to the airport and the capital city of Santo Domingo. Boca Chica is also an excellent choice for sports delegations that attend events at the Mirador del Este Sports Park facilities that were built for the 2003 Pan American Sports Games, or others such as the Las Americas Speed Race Track. No other destination places you as close to all the attractions of the bustling 3-million people that live in the capital city and Province of Santo Domingo. 

Fly in to Las Americas airport and in 15 minutes you can go wading into a natural giant swimming pool. This has traditionally made it a good choice for families with small children. Restaurants overlooking the Caribbean Sea are also popular even with Santo Domingo residents that will drive in for lunch or dinner by the sea. 

But Boca Chica today is changing. Hundreds of students commute daily from Santo Domingo or live in the area to attend the Las Americas Institute of Technology (ITLA) where they prepare for high tech careers in partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology (New Jersey). Hundreds are also employed at the country's largest port at Caucedo. The San Isidro and Las Americas Free Zones in the area also bring hundreds of business to the area. Boca Chica to this day is the same free-spirited town where at any time 70% of the people out partying on any given night will be single. 

The Beach

Boca Chica beach is a reef-protected lagoon of tranquil blue waters and powder-white sand. One can wade out 100 yards from shore into glassy waters and still be only waist deep with nothing but soft clean sand underfoot. There are no waves and no deep waters. Boca Chica is crowded on Sundays when capital city dwellers make the half hour commute to the beach, returning home at dusk. The rest of the week, the sand and sun is for the tourists.

In Boca Chica there are hotels and dining for every budget, night life, proximity to the airport and capital, yet it’s still small enough to build relationships.

Boca Chica is a "shopping beach" because vendors wander the beach or sell from their shops on the main street that runs parallel to the beach. While tanning, you can haggle over silver jewelry and paintings, or get your hair braided in corn rows. No heavy pressure. Just people trying to get a few of your tourist dollars. There are many small shops in town, also.

What else is nearby?
If you like to explore and are getting tired of the bathwater ocean, you’ll find slightly wilder water at Playa Caribe (Embassy Beach). About a 10 minute drive further east of Boca Chica, it’s a small horseshoe bay that offers great boogie boarding (mornings are quiet) and a nice, if small, beach that on Saturday and Sunday afternoon is crowded with young adults attracted by the ambiance of the Caribbean Sun parador.

Further east are the towns of Guayacanes and Juan Dolio. Guayacanes has a beautiful palm-studded beach that’s quiet every day but Sunday. This is a great beach for early morning or pre-sunset strolls along the coast. Guayacanes and Juan Dolio are also known for their many good restaurants.

World class shopping, dining and night life is available 30 minutes away, going west to Santo Domingo. Buses that travel up and down the highway will take you directly into the old colonial zone of the city where you can marvel at Spanish colonial architecture. Or just go shopping. Santo Domingo is the shopping mecca of the Caribbean, with imports from all around the world, and the occasional locally-designed goods.

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